JEROME ROTHENBERG, Vienna Blood & other poems (New Directions, New York 1980)

Rothenberg is one of America's finest living poets, and an important scholar, anthologist and multiculturalist. This book was acquired at the sale price of f. 3,90 instead of f. 16,85.

JEROME ROTHENBERG, Ritual: A Book of Primitive Rites and Events (Great Bear Pamphlet, NY 1966)

Fluxus-style events taken from ethnographical sources.

JEROME ROTHENBERG, The Cards (Sparrow 24, Black Sparrow Press, 1974

JEROME ROTHENBERG/ROBERT KELLY Sightings/Lunes (Hawk's Well Press, 1964)

Early book by two of my favourite American poets and one of the first publications from the Hawk's Well Press founded by Rothenberg in 1958. Letterpress printed, with tipped-in typo-collage illustrations by Amy Mendelson. Signed dedication from Jerry dated 11/21/80 (the day he came to dinner with us in Amsterdam).