(JOHN LATHAM), Papers and Proceedings of the discussion held at the Apollohuis Eindhoven, January 16, 1982

Frank Gribling, John Latham, Paul Panhuysen, Remko Scha, Jeffrey Shaw and others talk about art in a social context, with special reference to Latham's Artist Placement activities.

JOHN LATHAM, State of Mind (Stadtische Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf 1975)

Having rejected all conventional frameworks for art, and having developed a difficult position for himself as an outsider, Latham has remained a little-known presence in the art world. Starting with Tachisme in the mid-50s, he went on to incorporate paint-spattered and burnt books in his paintings, culminating in the SKOOB tower ceremonies in 1966. After that, his work became more conceptual and eclectic, including one-second drawings, drawings of invisible objects and 'time-base' studies.