Regina Cornwell, SNOW SEEN, The Films and Photographs of Michael Snow (PMA Books, Toronto 1980)

First major study of Snow's remarkably inventive films and photographic works, theoretically underpinned by references to Russian formalism and French structuralism. I loved his film 'Wavelength' when it was premiered in 1968 at the London Arts Lab, shortly after receiving the 1st prize at Knokke, as well as his later film, 'Rameau's Nephew', which was shown at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam (there being less than a dozen spectators present when it started, and only myself still seated when it finished three hours later). I met Snow once in the late 70s in Breda, and asked him to be one of the performers in my 'Tome Tones' piece, but he refused, saying that he didn't like to be conducted.