things that are neither one thing nor the other

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CONTENTS (as of 19 July 2004):


  LEGEND - selected texts 1966-84. A new book of old texts by Michael Gibbs, published by Boekie Woekie, Amsterdam ( Exhibition of recent text and photo-text works - click here to view


 LENINGRAD 1991 - a travelogue and a prologue

new photoworks and a QT panorama

VRIJ MEDIA KAFE (no longer operating, but at least you can view the archive)

COMMON BOUNDARY - a 1995 photo-text project by Michael Gibbs (200K)

POSTERS - a 1994 series of word/image pieces by Michael Gibbs

WHY NOT SNEEZE? a site for art on the Internet (established in 1996)

EX LIBRIS - a 1998 project by Michael Gibbs

DERIVE - a 1997 project by Michael Gibbs about the contradictions of urban space

a list of KONTEXTS Publications (1968-83) and other editions by Michael Gibbs currently available

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